Success as a BDSwiss partner during the COVID-19 pandemic

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the planet to stay at home, the most recent massive boom in online retail has taken place. According to the statistics, Says 76% of consumers say "convenience is a major priority" when choosing a retailer. Furthermore, over 86% of shoppers are now looking for e-commerce experiences across devices. No wonder the global e-commerce market has rose to $26.7 trillion in 2020, thanks to a jump in online retail sales during the pandemic. 

You may be wondering, “What does affiliate marketing have to do with forex traders?” Affiliate marketing and the online retail industry go hand in hand, as the growth of affiliate marketing is strongly dependent on retail sales; The sudden rise in online retail sales has increased the benefit of affiliate marketing.

Does this also apply to forex affiliate programs? It seems to apply.

Impact of COVID-19 on Forex Affiliate Programs

In recent years, affiliate marketing has become one of the main sources of income for millennial marketers. Traffic-Based Marketing (CPA) forex can provide significant cumulative income and can be done by placing backlinks on the right channels, such as forums, blogs, and social media platforms. During the pandemic period, this trend increased dramatically. Why?

The pandemic-led market volatility has created huge interest in online trading and the boom has continued until 2021 and will surely continue until 2022. For example, the average daily volume of retail stock trading for the largest online brokers has increased by 23% to 8.1 million, in January 2021, from 6.6 million recorded in December 2020.

Traders are getting more and more excited about the financial markets. Affiliates are expected to gain a lot from this shift in sentiment, if of course they can reach out to these traders and convince them to click on their affiliate links and sign up with their broker partners. 

What can forex affiliates do to attract traders?

  1. Partnership with reputable brokers

With the increase in online retail trading, seasoned brokers have plenty of opportunities to attract partners with unrealistic high commissions and high CPA cost. Moreover, with the growing popularity of trading during the pandemic, retail traders can often fall victim to fraudulent tactics by brokers, so traders should also be careful when choosing a broker.

Affiliates need to partner with award-winning brokers who have a strong reputation in the market, to maintain their credibility. They need to assure their audience that the broker is regulated, trustworthy and worth signing up with.

2. Investor awareness 

Education is valuable and crucial to traders of all levels. An Affiliate Broker will take a long time to educate its clients about financial markets, assets and trading strategies, with an emphasis on risk management, and the best way to do this is by choosing a broker that offers rich educational resources. Therefore, it is important to partner with a broker who not only provides diverse asset classes, but is also interested in educating traders through blogs, webinars, analysis reports, video tutorials, and more.

3. New ways to reach customers

Forex affiliate marketers need to find strategic places to include affiliate links. From relevant blogs to guest posts, social media campaigns to email marketing campaigns, they need the right marketing tools to build a community of enthusiasts and possibly increase their referrals.

To enable forex affiliates to achieve this, BDSwiss, the award-winning broker, has established, a program aFor a partnership mass. Marketers can make use of a variety of tracking tools, marketing materials, and more to monetize their traffic. With BDSwiss, the affiliate has an award-winning multi-asset broker support that enables high conversion rates. 

What distinguishes the partnership program BDSwiss?

With an average conversion rate of 37%, BDSwiss' affiliate program has over 16,000 affiliates in more than 180 countries around the world, with an average of over 2,500,000 leads per month. happened BDSwiss Partnership Program Awarded “Best Partnership Program – Asia 2020” by Global Banking and Finance Review, one of the best affiliate and IB programs in the industry:

  • Multiple types of products 

Affiliates can offer their clients access to over 250 different CFDs across 5 asset classes including forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and indices. It can be traded on MT4, MT5 and on BDSwiss proprietary platforms via a variety of accounts. BDSwiss offers a regulated and transparent trading environment.

  • Partner loyalty program

Allow Partner loyalty program The recently launched BDSwiss Partners can redeem prizes when they meet the necessary trading volume and referral requirements. It's easy to join the program by simply clicking on the "Partner Loyalty Program" tab in the dashboard, then signing up.

  • Highest conversion rates

With an easy setup process, over 150 deposit and withdrawal options and a multilingual call center dedicated to referrals, BDSwiss removes all barriers that might prevent a potential customer from becoming a registered customer. 

  • Advanced tracking tools 

Affiliates can take advantage of BDSwiss' tracking solution which gives them a 360-degree view of displaying, managing and tracking ads. In-depth reports can help affiliates make informed decisions regarding their marketing efforts, to achieve maximum impact. 

  • Attractive rewards and customized commissions

BDSwiss offers a competitive, industry-leading commission plan customized to reward its affiliate partners. Rate the brand too MRegular precedents for affiliate, Where they can earn cash and non-cash rewards

  • Detailed Marketing Tools

From online promotional banners to a dedicated Personal Marketing Manager with industry experience, BDSwiss provides its partners with all the tools needed to expand their reach. This includes various online and offline marketing tools, such as funnels, branded merchandise and promotional tools, local business development seminars, and affiliate camps. 

  • Partner blog

Whether you are an Affiliate Marketer, an Online Entrepreneur or an Introducing Broker, Partner Blog BDSwiss Dedicated to helping them stay ahead of the curve. The broker provides exclusive content and in-depth news about the affiliate marketing industry. These topics can range from search engine optimization to social media monetization strategies. 

  • Extensive educational resources

The affiliate will gain credibility in the market by introducing their clients to a broker who invests in client education. BDSwiss has a comprehensive suite of trader education resources and exclusive analyst reports from leading industry experts to help them navigate the complex world of financial markets.

I am not a partner in BDSwiss after?

BDSwiss is a leading financial group of companies providing forex and CFD investment services to more than 1.5 million clients worldwide. Since its inception in 2012, BDSwiss offers first-class products, a wide range of platforms, competitive pricing and fast execution on more than 1,000 essential CFD instruments. 

The BDSwiss Partnership Program is for affiliate   Introducing Intermediaries (IB) One of the most competitive programs in the industry, featuring high commissions, affiliate referral plans, and additional bonuses. New partners are assigned a dedicated Partner Manager who will help them create a customized payment plan, as well as provide ongoing support and assistance. Affiliates also have access to a powerful suite of marketing assets designed to help improve conversion from digital signage ads to high-performance lead pages, while tracking referrals is made easy through BDSwiss' advanced dashboards and portals.

Not a partner yet? Join the BDSwiss Partner Program either as identifier broker or Affiliate or professional trader

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