Evacuation responsibilaty

Evacuation responsibilaty

financial information

Risk Warning

Trading in securities always involves a lot of risk and may result in the loss of all your money, so you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Not all investors and traders are advised to trade in securities and should be taken before making a decision  A decision to trade forex, contracts for difference or binary options Assess your investment objectives, experience and risk tolerance.

Evacuation responsibilaty

Information on the website ForexBrokers.ae They are just general opinions about the market and are used only for general and educational purposes and cannot be relied upon to provide financial advice. By entering this site and using the information contained on it, you completely release us from any problems or losses that you may suffer as a result of your registration on it and your cooperation with a broker. The site has no trading services.

Although the website ForexBrokers.ae It ensures the accuracy of the information provided on it, but it cannot guarantee its accuracy and suitability for you, so we recommend the use of an external financial advisor.

Reviews on the website ForexBrokers.ae They are the opinions of its authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Forex Brokers or its management and Forex Brokers has not verified the accuracy or truth of the allegations or statements made by independent writers on this website.

Regulation Notice in the United Arab Emirates

Some of the Forex, Contracts for Difference and Binary Options trading platforms listed on the website are not licensed in the UAE by the UAE Central Bank so you must bear the risks arising from trading.

Forex Brokers recommends that UAE nationals use a locally licensed broker.

Regulation Notice in the USA

All forex, CFD and binary options trading platforms listed on the website are not licensed in the United States of America (except for the Nadex.com) by any regulator such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the National Futures Association or any other regulator in the United States of America, and such platforms do not necessarily comply with applicable regulatory requirements in the United States of America and may be involved in the conduct of business activities It is illegal, so you should bear the risks arising from trading.

Regulation Notice in the European Union and the United Kingdom

Some of the Forex, Contracts for Difference and Binary Options trading platforms listed on the website are not authorized in the EU countries and the UK by any regulatory institutions such as the Cyprus Regulatory Authority / Markets Authority of the Securities Directive (in Cyprus and the EU) or the Financial Conduct Authority (UK) So you should take the risk of trading.

Forex Brokers recommends EU citizens to use a broker licensed within the EU.

Other companies' websites

We can enter the websites of other companies to see important information for many of our site visitors ForexBrokers.ae But these sites are not under our supervision and everything related to them has nothing to do with us, these sites are not under our management and we are not held accountable for the accuracy of their information or the products and/or services they offer.

Not to be Forex Brokers and/or its employees and/or agents  LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND INCLUDING FOR LOSS OF PROFIT BECAUSE OF US OR BECAUSE OF THE INFORMATION PUBLISHED ON THE WEBSITE ForexBrokers.ae Either directly or indirectly.

Disclosure to the Federal Trade Commission

In accordance with the instructions of the Federal Trade Commission, Forex Brokers Corporation has financial relationships with the products and services mentioned on this website and Forex Brokers may be compensated if consumers choose and create an account on these links within the content provided by us.

The deals we carry out with these affiliates are intended to maintain the financial stability of the site despite the hosting fees.


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