BD Suisse International offers the advantages of investing in stocks “without commission”

Exchange for Difference - Announces the launch of an account Stoke Plus For trading in stocks and investment funds without commission. and presents

The recently announced Stock Plus account; Advantages

Invest in more than 900 arrow and80 A fund of mutual funds listed on nine of the world's largest financial markets; Including the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and Frankfurt. 

The Stock Plus “commission free” account is designed for individual investors; who often participate in the money markets with limited capital. This type of account is characterized by the fact that it allows individual investors to trade in the shares of international companies with a “rather” small capital, with the same advantages available in institutional trading and professional trading platforms. 

b200 Only dollars, you can open an account Stoke Plus With BD Suisse and trading in a diversified portfolio of securities, with unique advantages and the lowest available costs. Also, the multi-currency account allows investors to avoid the costs of exchange fees if they focus on a specific market. BD Suisse also offers investors the advantages of trading in the global financial markets using the MetaTrader platform5 Equipped with advanced tools and techniques. In addition to a distinct set of charts and many other advantages. 

Investors can access global financial markets easily and quickly; Through the BD Suisse Web Trader platform, which allows them to trade using the browser without having to install the trading platform on the devices. 

Stoke Plus Account Features:   

  • Create an investment portfolio in a distinct way that includes 900 Share without commission
  • Purchase of whole or fractional shares, allowing greater flexibility in dealing with the size of the position
  • Trading with leverage of 1:5 
  • stock trading 1:1 
  • Trading in mutual funds at actual prices
  • Receive dividend payments for long-term “buy” deals on dividend stocks
  • Trading in all market sectors in one deal through ETFs 
  • Access to an endless number of trading reports provided by Refinitiv, in addition to many other excellent analytical tools

The launch of the Stock Plus account is part of BD Suisse's efforts, which aim to provide many trading solutions and investment benefits with competitive mechanisms and offers. Over the past few months, BD Suisse has worked to expand its range of premium services; To include the launch of new types of accounts and analysis tools, in addition to many other investment services. BD Suisse seeks, through these new services, to enhance its presence in the markets and provide superior services to the community of traders and investors, which is witnessing a steady growth. 

For more information about the account Stock Plus, click here

About the BD Swiss Group: 

BD Suisse - a leading financial services group comprising a number of approved institutional entities; Provides investment and trading services in CFDs for more than 1.5 million registered customers 180 country around the world. Since its establishment in the year 2012 To date, BD Suisse continues to provide high quality trading products and services, in addition to providing a variety of global trading platforms. BD Swiss offers its clients the advantages of trading with competitive spreads and superior execution speed for more than 1000 major trading instrument; Including leading corporate stocks and ETFs and direct access to global financial markets. In addition to hundreds of CFDs; Including currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. BD Suisse Group operates according to a strict regulatory framework and operates its distinguished services at international standards based on the licenses and regulations of many different regulatory entities. 

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