Where will bitcoin end up this year?

Bitcoin continues its current volatile run, and there is no way to predict how or where the volatility will end? November is a crazy month for the cryptocurrency as it suffered huge losses at the beginning of the month, missing the gains it made at the beginning of November, and as the Thanksgiving holiday ends, fears may remain Dominating the market, but things will not be as bad as they were in the past.

The Bitcoin currency suffered wide losses during the month of November, with losses estimated at 17.5%, recording the fourth consecutive monthly loss, amid the negative atmosphere controlling the market. XM Arabia In the absence of positive stimuli and motives for this market.

Bitcoin - December 5

bitcoin 5 december

We all remember November 2018 and the damage done to the value and reputation of Bitcoin during that period, as it fell below the $6000 level and continued its limited decline for several months, and the coin continued to suffer further declines which eventually led to it reaching the $3,000 range by the end of the month. November 2018, arguably one of the worst periods for cryptocurrency and things were looking bleaker than ever.

In the end, it took about five more months before Bitcoin could turn around to begin to show signs of recovery, and while the coin eventually reached high levels in July of this year (it rose to at least $14,000), it only took a while for the cryptocurrency to recover. It was still too high.

The coin started the month of November at more than $9,500, following the sudden rise in futures contracts on the Bakkt platform and positive comments about blockchain technology coming from Chinese President Xi Jinping, the coin found itself on the rise after what could be considered the month of October. October is just too boring, and later the coin fell by more than $2000.

still knit

Despite all of the ambiguous Bitcoin discharges, it is much higher than last November as it more than doubled, while some see BTC taking big losses but it is safe to say that it is still relatively bullish at Comparison with the same period in the previous year.

In this sense, Bitcoin is still in good shape despite the massive losses in value over the past few months, so maybe 2020 will yield stronger results, so the last month of this year can lead us to a very strong future.

Mohamed Abdel Khaleq

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