Forex news and the most important events on the economic calendar this week from 1 to 5 May

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From the forex news expected, the preliminary report on the economic growth of the euro area during the first quarter of the year will be released on Wednesday at 09:00 GMT, and the economic growth rate of the region is expected to rise by 0.5% during that period, recording a slight increase compared to a growth rate of 0.41 TP2T in the previous quarter.

The data released last week showed that the GDP in France was weak by 0.3% which came in less than expected while the growth rate in Spain recorded a big increase by 0.8%.

In addition to the GDP report, several other data are expected from the Eurozone, including the employment data for the month of March and the final readings of the PMIs for the month of April.

4- PMI results for the month of April in the United Kingdom

In the UK, PMI results for April for the manufacturing sector are due on Tuesday at 08:30 GMT, followed by the building and construction sector results on Wednesday and the services sector on Thursday.

The manufacturing PMI is expected to decline to 54.0 from 54.2 in the previous month, and construction activity is expected to decline slightly to 52.0 from 52.2, and the giant British services sector is expected to decline to 54.5 compared to 55.0 last month.

And data released last week showed that the growth rate of the British economy during the first quarter of the year recorded a rise of only 0.3%, confirming fears that the British economy will witness a slowdown as Prime Minister Theresa May begins to move forward with the divorce measures from the European Union. .

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5- April Chinese Manufacturing PMI data

The results of the Caxin index, which measures the activity of small and medium-sized companies, will be released on Tuesday at 01:45 GMT, which is expected to record a decline at 51.0 compared to 51.2 last month.

The results of the official manufacturing PMI released last Sunday revealed that it fell to its lowest level in six months, as it recorded 51.2 in April, compared to 51.8 in March, while it was expected to record 51.6.

The Chinese economy recorded a growth rate of 6.9% during the first quarter of the year, supported by the increase in government spending on infrastructure, but the growth rate is expected to slow down in light of the government's tendency to take more measures to reduce financial risks in the economy..


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