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Leading multi-asset financial services firm BDSwiss recently announced the launch of its performance analytics tool – Trade Companion. Designed to provide traders with the insights they need to monitor, analyze and improve their personal performance, Trade Companion is the latest addition to BDSwiss' extensive suite of trading tools.

BDSwiss, since its inception in 2012, has been keen on listening to traders' feedback and needs in an effort to diversify and improve their trading experience. Although traders have long had access to a plethora of tools to help analyze and interpret market trends, they lacked a tool that would provide real-time, ad-hoc analysis of data from their trading performance. In order to meet this need, the BDSwiss Smart Business Development team has conceived, designed and developed the Trade Companion tool. 

After rigorous testing and a beta release for a select group of BDSwiss clients, the Trade Companion tool is now available exclusively for owners accounts VIP and Raw As a free virtual trading guide.

Advanced Personal Analytics Tool

The Trade Companion tool allows existing BDSwiss traders to monitor the basic patterns in their trading. Traders can now improve their trading strategies and make the most of potential market entry points as the tool shows, by examining their own trends, such as 'win to loss', 'payouts' and 'most traded assets'. 

The Trade Companion tool evaluates closed positions and presents this personal analysis in clear and comprehensive charting formats. This innovative tool aims to provide traders with an overview of their trading history and performance by displaying their preferred trading times, most frequently used position types, and more.

The Trade Companion tool, available directly on the BDswiss dashboard, provides traders with key performance metrics, including:

  • Asset Analysis: A comprehensive analysis of the assets that resulted in trading gains and/or losses over a specified time frame, as well as payments. This enables traders to make informed decisions about which assets they should include in their portfolios and where they can allocate funds.
  • Personal Trading History: An overview of volume, payout and profitability ratios that helps traders understand the asset classes they are trading the most, and which have resulted in maximum profit. Since CFDs give traders access to opportunities in both bullish and bearish markets, analysis of the best performing positions can help traders more efficiently plan their next moves.
  • Trading Periods and Times Analysis: It features many useful data, such as the effect of market opening times on trading performance, duration and profitability of open trades, order types, etc. These key metrics can help traders determine which trading times, trading sessions and order types they benefit from More and which one is more suitable for their trading strategies.

Committed to meeting the needs of traders 

Featuring state-of-the-art platforms and a variety of trading tools, BDSwiss is always innovating with solutions in an effort to help its traders and partners get the most out of the global financial markets. The company was named the “Best Market Research Provider of 2021” by the FxScouts Awards, and the company believes that more strategic trading decisions are the result of sound research and education. 

Trade Companion, BDSwiss' latest tool, gives traders the personal insights they need to identify areas for improvement, trade with greater confidence, and unlock their true potential. Commenting on the launch, BDSwiss Chief Commercial Officer Manos Yosefakis said: 

“We all tend to have a biased view of our performance. Our decision-making process is less rational than we think, which is why the Trade Companion tool comes in. The Trade Companion tool can be thought of as a virtual private trading advisor of sorts, and we are pleased to offer our clients a unique tool that enables them to gain deep personal insights into their trading patterns and trading performance so that they can build more successful habits.

Having a visual representation of trading performance is useful in analyzing personal trading patterns and in determining which elements of one's strategy need to be modified. As the only instrument of its kind on the market, Trade Companion is a testament to our long-standing commitment to the success of our clients and our continuous efforts to provide the latest trading tools available in the market.”

About BDSwiss: 

BDSwiss is a leading multi-regulated and regulated financial services group that provides first-class investment and CFD trading products to over 1.5 million registered clients in over 180 different countries. Since its inception in 2012, BDSwiss has been offering first-class products and a wide range of platforms, as well as competitive pricing and fast execution on over 1,000 underlying financial instruments including leading corporate stocks, ETFs, direct market access as well as hundreds of CFDs including It forex, stocks, commodities, and indices. BDSwiss adheres to a strict regulatory and supervisory framework and offers its services globally under a number of different licenses and registrations.


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