RAW? Why Traders Choose Difference Accounts 

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Popular among traders because it offers some of the lowest spreads possible in the market.  RAWDifference accounts 

Spreads on forex pairs and commodities can be very low or even zero, in some cases, but instead of    our RAW  Offers an account option BDSwiss  Therefore, the broker will charge a fixed commission. in a

Same premium and exclusive tools and features as with other account options and more 

? Raw Spread  How do accounts work? 

Let's say the EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.1618. If you are using a Raw account, you will most likely be able to buy it at that price because the broker will not add any profit margin to the price. Instead, you will pay a commission either when you open your position or not close it; At BDSwiss you will not pay any commission until you close your positions.

Traders prefer the Raw Spread account in order to reduce trading costs and get more out of their trading experience. At BDSwiss, users of Raw Spread accounts have access to premium instruments and award-winning trading terms, with over 250 CFDs available for trading across six asset classes including Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

? RAW SPREAD When using an account BDSwiss  What are the advantages that traders benefit from 

AR RAW Account Media buying Banners 320x480 1Apart from our award winning trading terms,  Our company offers a comprehensive set of trading, education and research features to complement BDSWISSin a their clients' trading experience. Initial account clients benefit from all premium trading tools 

A powerful and automated pattern recognition tool that monitors over 250+ CFDs on your behalf,: Autochartist ●

24/7/365 automatically when it notices trends forming. This program alerts you  Automatically when it notices trends forming. In addition, it offers you  Exclusive performance insights over the past 6 months, indicating which trades have performed better than .Other       

BDSwiss WebTrader Trend analysis can be used on , BDSWISS Trend Analysis: Available exclusively to Traders

.  It provides insights into the trends and patterns of hundreds of assets

 Trading Companion: A unique tool that acts as a virtual personal trading guide. The tool provides traders with a comprehensive picture of their trading history and performance

. In addition to the most prominent patterns and trends that they tend to follow

BDSWISSEducation and Research: Believe 

The power and importance of educating traders in an effort to help them make more calculated trading decisions. 

 To this end, progress  Collection of educational resources and materials including educational videos, deliberative tutorials and webinars  .Live web, daily market research, analysis, weekly forecast, forex e-books and more

BDSwiss Raw  Why try an account 

In order to give more traders access to the raw account option, BDSwiss is running a limited promotion where you can open a RAW account with just $500/€/£, instead of the required minimum deposit of 5,000$/€/£. Traders who choose to open a RO account can access all the exclusive features mentioned above with a much smaller initial deposit 

To learn more about the Bedswiss Raw account and other available account options, you can visit their website here

About BDSwiss Group

Bedswiss is a leading financial services group, providing customized products for CFD trading and investments to more than 1.5 million registered clients in more than 180 different countries. Since its inception in 2012, BDSwiss offers first-class products, a wide range of platforms, competitive pricing, and fast execution of over 1000+ essential instruments including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and ETFs. Bedswiss adheres to a strict regulatory framework and operates its services on a global scale under a number of different entities.

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