EURUSD and an overview of the importance of the pair and the factors affecting the EUR/USD trading


The euro and the US dollar EURUSD top the list of the most valuable currencies at the global level because both represent the largest economic entities in the world, and the US dollar is considered one of the most powerful global currencies and is the currency of the United States of America, which is the largest economic country in the world. As for the euro, it is the single currency of the European Union countries that It includes 18 European countries where it constitutes a great economic power, and the euro and the US dollar pair occupies the first place in the currency pairs in the foreign exchange market “Forex” on global stock exchanges.

The forex market is one of the largest and largest financial markets, as it enjoys high liquidity, and trading in it is not limited to the EURUSD pair. , and if we look at the most important currency pairs mentioned, we find that the US dollar is the common denominator among all currency pairs.

What are the reasons that made the EURUSD pair to the throne of currencies?

One of the most important reasons that made this pair one of the most important pairs traded on is the full support that the US dollar received from the Federal Reserve after the mortgage crisis that occurred in 2008, when Americans were unable to pay a lot of debt to Wall Street banks, which affected On the global economy in general and the US economy in particular, as for the euro, we find that it was able to stand steadfast in the face of economic and financial sanctions and challenges that faced the European Union.

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Difficulties faced by the euro and the US dollar currency pair

It was not only the mortgage crisis that affected the global economy and the performance of the important major currencies, but there were many factors and reasons that stood in front of the euro and the US dollar, for example, the Greek crisis and the failure to pay its debts that would result in Greece leaving the European Union and then declaring its bankruptcy, which It will negatively affect the euro area and its economy in general and its single currency as well against other currencies, so the European Union stood by Greece in order to save it in order to preserve the unity of the union and the strength of its currency.

How is the euro changed to the US dollar?

In fact, the majority of forex trading sites allow their users to convert different currency pairs for free, by selecting the euro and US dollar currency pair from the list and writing the amount to be converted, and then the results will be shown and the conversion process is accurately confirmed.

We advise novice traders before entering and trading in the forex market in general to have sufficient knowledge of this market and should take the time to study well to know how to trade currencies, and they should be careful in dealing so as not to lose their wallets until they have sufficient experience that qualifies them to compete In this market, which contains risks like other financial markets.

As a new trader, you can subscribe to the forex signals service provided by some forex markets in order to obtain recommendations that give you more learning and experience that avoids you from being exposed to risks.

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