Saudi stocks rise today, led by the energy and petrochemical sector

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Saudi stock indices concluded their trading today, Tuesday, in the green zone, as the energy sector, petrochemicals sector, communications and information technology sector, and public services sector topped the high sectors, and the Saudi general index ended its trading with gains of about 0.13%.

The number of advancing shares exceeded the declining ones, with a value of 77 rising shares, in contrast 72 declining shares, while 29 shares remained unchanged.

The share of Emaar the Economic City “SE:4220” led the rise by 4.63%, or 0.75 points, to close its trading at 16.95 riyals, while the share of the Saudi Electricity Company “SE:5110” continued to rise by 4.371. TP2T, or 1.00 points, to end its trading at 23.90 riyals, and the share of MetLife, AIG and the Arab Bank for Cooperative Insurance “SE:8011” gained 0.90 points, or 4.09%, to reach the share price at closing at 22.90 riyals.

As for the declining shares: The share of Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company “SE:4300” was the top loser, as it recorded losses by 5.71%, or a value of 0.40 points, to reach the share price at 6.60 riyals, and the share of Al Hammadi Development and Investment “SE:4007” decreased by 2.64% That is, a value of 1.20 points, to close its trading at 44.30 riyals, and the Saudi Reinsurance Company “SE:8200” share declined by 2.55% to lose 0.20 points, to end its trading at 7.65 riyals.

Saudi stocks

Commodities and Metals

Today, crude oil futures contracts for “June delivery” declined, losing 0.02 dollars, or 0.04%, to reach the price of a barrel at 48.82 dollars, while Brent contracts for “June delivery” rose to reap gains of 0.08 dollars, or 0.016%, to reach the price of 51.60 dollars a barrel. dollar.

While gold contracts for “June delivery” fell by about 1.52 dollars, or 0.12%, to reach the price of an ounce at 1253.98 dollars.


The EUR/SAR pair rose by 0.10%, to trade at the level of 4.0915 riyals, and the USD/SAR pair continued to rise by 0.01%, to trade at the level of 3.7505 riyals.

While the US dollar index contracts declined by 0.02% to trade at the level of 98.96 points.

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