Saudi stocks end their trading in the green zone today, March 14th

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Saudi stocks ended trading today, Tuesday, with a collective rise, due to the rise in the shares of the media and advertising sector, the hotel and tourism sector, and the multi-investment sector.

The number of rising Saudi shares on the general index has outpaced the declining ones, as the number of rising shares recorded about 86 shares, compared to 65 declining shares, while 27 shares settled at their levels unchanged.

The following shares came at the forefront of the rising shares on the Saudi general index, where the share of Al-Jazira Takaful Tawuniya Company “SE:8012” came to the fore, and it rose by 1.60 points, or by 5.88%, to close its trading at the level of 28.80 riyals, and the share of Al Tayyar Travel and Tourism Group continued “SE:1810” achieved its gains, as it rose by 1.70 points, or 5.70%, to end its trading at a price of 31.50 riyals, and the share of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group “SE:4210” gained 1.50 points, or by 5.49%, to end its trading at a price of 28.80 riyals. .

Saudi stocksAs for the declining shares during today’s trading, Amana Insurance “SE:8310” share lost 0.80 points, or about 4.06%, to trade at 18.90 riyals, and the share of Zamil Industrial Investment “SE:2240” fell by 1.10 points, or 3.821 TP2T The share ended its trading at 27.70 riyals, and the Saudi Arabian Refineries Company “SE:2030” share declined by 3.451 TP2T, as it lost 1.20 points, to close its trading at 33.60 riyals.

And on commodity and metal futures trading: Crude oil futures “April delivery” declined by 1.76%, to lose 0.85 dollars, to trade a barrel at 47.55 dollars, and Brent contracts “May delivery” fell by 1.44%, losing 0.74 dollars, to reach the price of A barrel at $50.61, while gold contracts declined by 0.10% to lose $1.25, to reach the price of an ounce at $1201.85.

As for currency trading: EUR/SAR lost 0.20% to trade at 3.9874, while USD/SAR continued to rise by 0.01% to trade at 3.7506.


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