Bitcoin and the most important digital currencies and their impact on the future of financial transactions

Encrypted digital currencies, led by bitcoin, have received a lot of criticism and severe attack by officials of global financial institutions due to the fantastic gains they have made in the recent period, especially bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies are among the most exciting and best performing currencies this year.

Despite the continuing controversy and criticism about whether the Bitcoin currency is an asset bubble, the expectations for the future situation of the Bitcoin currency are full of optimism, especially after the launch of futures contracts denominated in the currency of Bitcoin during the current month, and analysts believe that the launch of futures contracts was a reason for investors to turn to other digital currencies. .



There are currently about 1,300 digital currencies in the financial markets, but there are seven digital currencies that are likely to compete with Bitcoin over the next year.

1 Litecoin currency.

This currency was established as an alternative to Bitcoin in order to reduce the time taken to confirm new transactions and produce more coins, as the maximum limit for Litecoin is about 84 million coins, while the maximum for Bitcoin is about 21 million coins, and currently about 54 million coins are traded from Litecoin while About 16.7 million bitcoins are in circulation.

Litecoin has achieved a rise of more than %9 since the beginning of this year so far, and its market value reached about 19.53 billion dollars, amid expectations that it will achieve good gains during 2018.

2 Bitcoin Cash.

تم تأسيسها حديثًا وبالتحديد فى آب/أغسطس الماضى، وقد حققت ارتفاع بنحو %488 إذ وصلت قيمتها السوقية حتى الآن إلى 37.08 مليار دولار، ومن المتوقع أن تحقق عملة البيتكوين كاش ارتفاعات كبيرة خلال العام القادم حيث تسعى لاقناع الشركات باعتمادها كوسيلة للدفع.

3 New coin.

Among the currencies that have aroused the interest of many in the recent period is the NEO currency, which is called “China’s Ethereum”, and this currency is expected to replace Bitcoin within the next year if China eases the restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities on the Bitcoin currency recently, and the market value of the currency reaches About $5.01 billion, and it achieved a rise of about 69% during 2017, and about 65 million pieces are traded out of a total of about 100 million pieces.

4 Monero coin.

It was established by an unknown party and achieved a rise of about 3.03% since the beginning of this year so far, and its market value reached about 5.9 billion dollars. currency in illegal business.

5 Cardano coin.

It was established last October and achieved a rise of about 2.05% and its market value is estimated at about $13.49 billion. About 26 billion pieces out of 45 billion pieces were traded.

6 .iota coin.

تسعى هذه العملة أن تكون وسيلة دفع آمنة عبر الانترنت حيث سجلت ارتفاع خلال هذا العام بنحو %564 وتقدر القيمة السوقية لهذه العملة نحو 11.79 مليار دولار.

7 Ripple currency.

This currency is characterized by its low fees and is currently used to link banks, payment services, digital asset exchange and companies. The currency has achieved a rise of about 12% and has a market value of about $29.66 billion, and currently about 38.7 billion pieces are being traded out of the total cap of $100 billion.


Mohamed Abdel Khaleq

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