Forex news - the most important economic events this week, January 23 to 27

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Financial markets will head to look at many forex news and important economic data in the United States that it will announce next Friday, while in Britain, it is expected to release data on growth rates for the fourth quarter of last year, which is highly anticipated to show the extent to which the royal economy has recovered from the negative effects resulting from the decision to withdraw. The country from the European Union, and the European economy is also scheduled to publish important data on the industrial sector and the service sector during the month of January, along with data to measure confidence rates in the German business climate, and on the other hand, the markets will shed light on data on Japanese inflation rates to see how true a third is. The world's largest economy.

1. The United States will release several economic data on Friday.

Next Friday will be a busy day with a lot of important US economic data in the forex news, as it will announce preliminary estimates of the economic growth rates during the fourth quarter of 2016, and the numbers are expected to reveal a growth of 2.22%, down from the third quarter, which achieved a growth of about 3.51 TP2T.

Other data is also expected to be revealed with the GDP report, which are weekly jobless claims, existing home sales, new home sales and consumer confidence index.

2. The European economy releases data on the industrial and service sector.

Another important forex news is that the European economy will release its preliminary report on the Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index and the Services Sector Index during the month of January, next Tuesday at 09:00 ET, amid a consensus of expectations for a slight decline.

The French PMI and German PMI will also be revealed, and investors will also shed light on the performance of the German business confidence index that will be announced next Wednesday.

Forex news

Forex news

3. The UK will release its GDP data.

Financial markets are awaiting the release of the British economy's data on economic growth rates for the fourth quarter of last year on Thursday at 09:30 ET.

Expectations reveal that the economy will grow by 0.5% during the fourth quarter, down from the third quarter, which achieved an expansion of 0.6%. 2.1%, down slightly from the third quarter, which recorded a growth of 2.2%.

On the other hand, European markets will pay attention to the ruling of the Supreme Court in Britain on enabling the British government to bypass Parliament to implement Article 50 of the country's withdrawal from the European Union.

4. The publication of data on Japanese inflation rates during the month of December.

The Japanese economy is scheduled to present its report on inflation rates for the month of December, amid a consensus of expectations showing that the reading will remain at negative levels to remain declining by 0.4% on an annual basis for the 13th consecutive month, in a negative sign for the performance of the third largest economy in the world.

And during the recent period, the Japanese government has been struggling hard to reach the inflation target by continuing pressure on the Central Bank of Japan to continue its stimulus policies, especially with the approach of the bank's meeting next week.

5. Decisions of the Turkish Central Bank.

Investors are paying attention to one of the most important emerging markets, Turkey, where the Turkish Central Bank will announce its interest rate decision next Tuesday.

Expectations are combined for the bank to raise interest rates by 50 basis points to reach the interest rate at 8.5%, after the strenuous efforts that were made to support the Turkish lira after its decline against the US dollar, as it recorded losses of about 10% since the beginning of this year against the backdrop of political and economic tensions in the country. country.

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