Electronic trading has contributed to the interest of many in the financial markets

Electronic trading has played a prominent role in eliminating the necessity of spatial presence when concluding deals and saving time, effort and money as well. Electronic trading is characterized by its enjoyment of greater transparency and credibility, and because of these advantages, investors have increased their demand for trading in the market.

As a result of technological development and the creation of an electronic trading system appeared financial trading apps Which contributed to finding a lot of investment opportunities and reducing the costs associated with financial investment operations, and the costs of obtaining information and financial analysis that the investor needs, especially with regard to the movement of stock prices or information about the financial conditions of companies, as it is now possible for the investor anywhere to learn about price movements Various stocks at low costs via the Internet.

The automation of trading systems helps in raising the efficiency and speed of dealing in securities, increasing transparency and safety among investors, and facilitating the execution of orders, in addition to facilitating the control of trading operations, and it also made the trader able to conduct deals on his own without resorting to the intermediary, through the trading platforms that made the trading process It's fun.

Trading platforms

The trading platform is the investor's gateway to the market, where it is possible to trade easily by containing all the tools Financial Market Analysis Necessary to assist you in your trading and serving your trading needs.

Most importantly, it makes it easy to enter and exit trades by being well designed that is easy to use and operate.

The trading platform also includes customization options, order entry types, automated trading options, building a set of trading strategies, testing acquired theories and trading alerts.

MetaTrader 4

The undisputed standard of retail forex trading software is MetaTrader 4. It is a well programmable and customizable platform that is well suited for experienced traders as well as novices. It is based on Windows. The platform has a wide range of charting tools. Its response time is low allowing for instant order execution, It also has expert advisors for trading algorithms.

Web-based platform

iForex offers a web based trading platform that allows the trader to trade via browser only, eliminating the need to download software, this can be particularly useful for traders who may not have access to their PC during trading hours.

These web based platforms tend to have less features compared to the Metatrader platform, however, you can still perform most of the basic trading and charting functions, for novice traders or traders less inclined to technical analysis web based trading platforms tend to be more intuitive and ease of use.

The web-based trading platforms offered by iForex have some great advantages, they offer more than 800 tradable financial instruments, can be accessed through a regular browser and do not need to be downloaded or installed.

mobile platform

iForex provides a mobile trading application to allow traders to monitor their accounts and trades on the go anywhere and anytime, traders will have the ability to place their orders quickly and continuously and also monitor their positions on the go.

The platform features the ability to trade more than 800 assets from financial assets Which includes stocks, currencies, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies, in addition to the speed of trading, following it up, and constantly monitoring deals.

There are also other features in the system which are full access to portfolio, balance sheet, stock and margin details, and the platform design makes it easy to use.


Mohamed Abdel Khaleq

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