Dubai Financial Market concludes trading today with mixed performance led by the telecommunications and banking sectors

The Dubai Financial Market ended trading today, Wednesday, with mixed performance, as the high sectors were led by the communications sector, the commodity sector, and the transportation and communications sector, while the losses were led by the building and construction sector, the banking sector, financial services and the investment sector.

At the end of trading, the general index in the Dubai Financial Market fell by about 0.68%, while the Abu Dhabi market index rose by about 0.41%. The number of declining shares exceeded the rising shares on the Dubai market index with 19 declining shares, against 13 rising shares, while 2 shares remained unchanged. As for the Abu Dhabi index, 11 shares rose, while 11 declined, while 7 shares remained unchanged.


Dubai Financial Market Index

Dubai Financial Market

Dubai Financial Market

The following shares recorded an increase in the Dubai market index: The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company “DU:DU” came at the forefront, as it recorded an increase of 0.080 points, or 1.50%, to reach the share price at closing of 5.410 dirhams, and the share of Dubai Islamic Insurance and Insurance Co. “DU” continued AMAN: achieving its gains by 1.28%, gaining 0.011 points, to end the session’s trading at a price of 0.871 dirhams, and the share of Air Arabia “DU:AIRA” added gains by 1.00%, or 0.010 points, to conclude its trading at a price of 1.010 dirhams.

As for the declining shares on the Dubai market index: the share of Arabtec Holding “DU:ARTC” lost about 8.47%, or 0.255 points, to end its trading at the price of 2.750 dirhams, and the share of SHUAA Capital “DU:SHUA” lost about 5.13%, or a value of 0.060 points. The share price reached 1.110 dirhams, and the share of Islamic Arab Insurance “DU:SALAMA” decreased by 2.15%, losing 0.009 points, to close at 0.410 dirhams.

Abu Dhabi Market Index

The following shares recorded gains on the Abu Dhabi market index: The National Bank of Fujairah “AD:NBF” came at the fore, as it achieved gains by 9.67%, bringing the share price to 3.29 dirhams, and the Union Cement share “AD:UCC” continued to rise by about 4.00% to end the stock Trading at a price of 1,300 dirhams, and Agthia Group “AD:AGTH” added gains by 3.50%, to conclude trading at a price of 5.62 dirhams.

As for the declining shares on the Abu Dhabi index: The Emirates Driving Company “AD:DRIV” share lost about 10.00%, to reach the price of 8.10 dirhams, and the share of the Commercial International Bank “AD:CBI” decreased by 9.37%, to reach the price of 1.160 dirhams. And the stock of Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics “AD:RKCE” decreased by 7.20%, to end its trading at 2,320 dirhams.

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Commodities and Metals

US crude oil futures contracts for “August delivery” declined by 0.43%, to lose about 0.19 dollars, to reach the price of a barrel at 44.05 dollars, while Brent contracts for “September delivery” decreased by 0.19%, losing 0.09 dollars, to reach the price of a barrel at 46.83 dollars, while Gold contracts rose by 0.55%, gaining $6.89, to reach the price of an ounce at $1253.79.


The USD/AED pair rose by 0.01% to reach the level of 3.6732, while the EUR/AED continued its rise by 0.22% to trade at the 4.1745 level.

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