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Are you thinking of entering the forex market? Do you fear fake trading companies and scams? Do not worry dear newbie, I feel you very well as I have been in the same situation for several months, I wanted to start in forex trading, but I was afraid of the failed experiments that many friends suffered, but I did not let despair enter my heart, and I started the search journey until I found To Dow500 and I will tell you my entire experience with the company.
company Dow500


After a lot of research and digging around for trading companies, I came across Dow500 and was encouraged to start with it due to the many positive customer reviews of it. What encouraged me the most was allowing the company to open a free demo account, without having to deposit any money or risking real capital, and I actually went to the company’s website, and opened a demo account. But while following the steps, I encountered some difficulties, so I went to the support and found nothing but the fastest response and immediate response from them, and indeed the account was opened. And the best thing I found with the demo account is that it enabled me to combine theoretical study with practical experience, as I myself practiced the processes of opening and closing deals, achieving gains and losses, making various decisions and tracking their results freely without any restriction or condition. I kept trading on this account for several weeks to gain more experience, and after making sure that I had the minimum information and experience I decided to go ahead and start real trading.
Open a real account with Dow500

When deciding to open a real account, I found the company offering several types of accounts, so I chose the basic account as it is more suitable for beginners like me, and through this account I got a large number of advantages, such as getting a personal account manager, and the ability to trade across platforms The various platforms supported by the company, such as the MetaTrader 4 and Web Trader platforms, as well as the platforms for tablets and smartphones. I also had access to all e-books, videos, trading sessions, news and market analysis in real time, and I was also able to communicate with support around the clock. What I liked the most was that when depositing, I found many deposit methods available, namely credit and debit cards, bank transfers and electronic wallets, although I relied entirely on credit cards because they are the ones I have available. As for the account management process, I certify that my account enjoyed the highest degree of security, as I did not encounter any problems, and no transaction was opened or closed without my knowledge, and that all trading platforms were smooth and flexible, and gave me access to the immediate prices in the market, as well as supporting me All technical indicators and charts in various forms.
Summary of my experience with Dow500
In the end, I can rate my experience with Dow500. It is a very positive experience, as it included many positive features, such as:-
  • The ability to open a demo account exactly the same as the real one, without having to risk any capital.
  • Technical support is available around the clock, and it responds immediately and responds to all customer inquiries without any boredom or boredom.
  • The company provides multiple and diverse trading platforms, and gives the opportunity to trade via smartphones and tablets, and all platforms are flexible, smooth and intuitive.
  • The maximum leverage offered by Dow500 is very high, up to two hundred times the capital.
  • The company is keen to implement an anti-money laundering policy.
  • Dow500 supports several methods of deposit and withdrawal, such as Visa, MasterCard, bank and electronic transfers.
Despite all this, this does not negate the existence of some points that I did not like but were not a maximum obstacle in my way, such as the company not supporting a large number of languages, but the English language was available, which made it easy for me, and the number of assets The financials had only 200 assets, but they varied between stocks, forex, commodities and indices.

Mohamed Abdel Khaleq

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