Bitcoin news and the most important reasons that led to the deflation of the digital currency markets in the recent period?

Bitcoin News – Digital currencies recorded amazing numbers during 2017, as the value of most major digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, jumped so much that those who invested in this market earlier felt that they were on top of the world, and on December 17, 2017, it rose The value of Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $19,850.

Despite this, many warnings have been issued to make people avoid investing in cryptocurrencies based on the volatile nature of the market.

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News

ومع ذلك لم يكن عام 2018 عامًا جيدًا لسوق العملات الرقمية حتى الآن، فبعد أن وصلت القيمة الاجمالية للسوق فى 7 كانون الثانى/يناير عند 834 مليار دولار شهد السوق هبوطًا حادًا بنسبة %66 ليخسر السوق أكثر من 553 مليار دولار، وسجلت عملة البيتكوين خسارة كبيرة بلغت أكثر من 50% فى شهر شباط/فبراير لتنخفض إلى ما دون 7000 دولار، وعانت أيضًا عملة الاثيريوم والريبل من انخفاضات مماثلة حيث سجلا خسائر بأكثر من 40% فى نفس الشهر.

This sharp and rapid decline has put many in front of a state of panic, asking everyone: Is this the beginning of the bubble bursting? Is this what many experts warn? Are we currently witnessing the end of cryptocurrency?

One of the founders of Evercoin “Miko Matsumura” says that it is clear that the market was overheated in the past and the only fear that dominated the market at that time was the fear of losing it and not being caught up in it. Prices and I see that the market is currently stabilizing and that is the reason for the decline.

Thomas Glucksman of Gatcoin says that increased regulatory recognition of cryptocurrency trading and key technological developments will contribute to the market recovery and push prices to all-time highs this year.

Many of the Bitcoin news comes represented in more upcoming regulations and measures regarding the trading of digital currencies and not being exploited by a group of fraudsters in illegal and illegal acts in addition to protecting the consumer from its risks, but so far no new laws have been introduced.

On the other hand, digital currencies are facing a big problem of penetration and security, especially after the recent hack of the Japanese Coinchik Stock Exchange, which cost the company a loss of more than $500 million, and this penetration is said to be the largest ever in the history of digital currencies.

Among the reasons for the decline in cryptocurrency prices, the Chinese authorities recently banned the country's initial coin offerings and prevented its citizens from accessing sites that offer those currencies, and the country's central bank indicated that it would tighten regulations regarding participation in ICOs and their commercial transactions.

Recently, Twitter joined forces with Facebook and Google to ban ads related to cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings due to concerns that users could be deceived with misleading claims.

Facebook was the first to take action against this type of investment as it banned all ads related to the crypto industry last January, while Google announced it was banning ads related to cryptocurrency by June.

There is no doubt that after the tumultuous start of 2018 Bitcoin will recover to experience significant growth, however it is difficult to know which cryptocurrencies will continue their growth path and which will not.


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